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Great Women of Islam

Riyad-us-Saliheen (2 Volume Set)

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Enhance your ethical and spiritual knowledge with 'Riyadus Saliheen 2 Volume Set - English,' a comprehensive anthology of 2000 insightful Hadiths.

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SKU e20039
Weight 2.000000
Language English
ISBN 04020083-2
Pages 1454
Publisher Darussalam
Book Size 14x21
Book Cover Hard

Book Overview:

The 'Riyadus Saliheen 2 Volume Set - English' is a meticulous English translation of a renowned compilation of Hadiths gathered by Imam Nawawi. This essential work spans a wide array of Islamic teachings, encompassing approximately 2000 Hadiths carefully selected from among the six major Hadith collections. The compilation covers topics ranging from sincere intention and charity to the etiquette of daily life and the virtues of knowledge. This two-volume set comes with Arabic texts and their English translations, making it accessible to English-speaking readers who wish to engage with Islamic traditions authentically.

About the Publisher:

Darussalam is a distinguished publishing house known for its extensive catalog of quality Islamic literature. Dedicated to the accurate dissemination of Islamic teachings, Darussalam ensures that each publication, such as this Riyadus Saliheen set, meets high scholarly standards. By providing trusted translations of primary religious texts, Darussalam serves as a key resource for students and scholars, as well as lay Muslims seeking to deepen their faith and practice. The publisher's commitment to preserving the purity and relevance of Islamic teachings makes its editions valuable additions to any Islamic library.


Main Features:

  • English translation of approximately 2000 Hadiths from major collections for comprehensive understanding.
  • Encompasses 372 chapters and 19 sections detailing various facets of Islamic life and morals.
  • Topics include etiquettes of eating, dressing, travel, virtues, supplications, prohibited actions, and more.
  • Two-volume set designed for readability, with a soft cover and a standard book size.
  • Compiled by one of the most respected Hadith scholars, Imam Nawawi.
  • Handsome hardcover design, totaling a weight of 2.0 kg, signifying a rich and extensive body of knowledge.
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