Islamic Studies (KG-3)

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Book Overview:

"Islamic Studies (KG-3)" is an essential part of a beautifully designed series that introduces preschool children to the basics of Islamic studies, including Tafseer, Hadeeth, Tawheed, Fiqh, Seerah, and proper Islamic etiquette. The authentic and carefully selected material is presented in a manner suitable for young minds, with Arabic terms provided in their original script and supplemented by transliteration and translation to foster an early connection with the language of the Quran.

Author Bio:

Molvi Abdul Aziz is recognized for his profound work in establishing a foundation of Islamic education for children. He has successfully transposed complex religious concepts into content that resonates with a younger audience, fostering both their cognitive and spiritual development. His work on "Islamic Studies (KG-3)" is notable for age-appropriate pedagogy, combining enjoyable learning experiences with the authentic teachings of Islam.


Main Features:

  • Specially tailored for kindergarten-aged children (ages 4-5).
  • Vibrant illustrations and colorful artwork capture the attention of young readers.
  • Fundamental Islamic topics are presented in simplified and easily digestible formats.
  • Each lesson is followed by simple exercises that help reinforce the material learned.
  • Arabic supplications included focusing on memorization and proper pronunciation.
  • Softcover book in a 17x18 size, perfect for small hands to handle.
  • Fills an educational gap with a blend of attractive design and educational substance.


Zaynab Fisher
Vibrant Introduction to Islamic Basics for Kids
"Islamic Studies (KG-3)" by Molvi Abdul Aziz is a vibrant and thoughtfully constructed introduction to the core elements of Islamic education for young children. The book charmingly simplifies fundamental Islamic teachings into interactive and digestible lessons that complement the development stage of kindergarten learners. It gives young minds an enticing peek into the world of Islamic knowledge, complete with colorful illustrations and exercises that make learning fun.
Abdur Rehman Ahmed
Engaging Early Islamic Studies Curriculum
"Islamic Studies (KG-3)" showcases the brilliance of Molvi Abdul Aziz’s approach to instilling basic Islamic teachings in young hearts. The careful blend of authenticity and accessibility makes it not just a textbook but a journey of discovery for the students. With practical exercises, appealing artwork, and thoughtful content layout, this introductory book to Islamic studies is a bright start to a child's lifelong journey of Islamic learning.
Layla Khan
Fun and Educational Islamic Resource for Preschoolers
Carving out an invaluable educational niche, Molvi Abdul Aziz’s "Islamic Studies (KG-3)" hits the mark perfectly for curious little learners. Its pages are an excellent blend of fun, facts, and faith, making the learning process dynamic and enjoyable. The inclusion of Arabic terminology with transliteration is an intelligent approach to early language familiarity, and the interactive elements boost engagement and memory retention.
Suleiman Patel
Perfect Islamic Learning Starter for Tots
The kindergarten stage is where foundational learning begins, and "Islamic Studies (KG-3)" serves as an ideal starting point for Islamic education. Substantial yet appropriately simplified concepts, combined with engaging illustrations and activities, provide an excellent tool for parents and educators looking to introduce Islamic studies in an enjoyable manner. The book's focus on Arabic terms and their succinct presentation is particularly commendable for this age group.

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