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The Choice of Every Women - English

The Choice of Every Women - English

Why Women are Accepting Islam

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Uncover the spiritual transformations of women in 'Why Women are Accepting Islam,' a revealing collection of conversion stories to the faith of Islam.

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Language English
Pages 344
Author(s) Muhammad Haneef Shahid
Publisher Darussalam
Book Size 14x21
Book Cover Hard

Book Overview:

"Why Women are Accepting Islam" by Muhammad Haneef Shahid is an insightful exploration into the personal narratives of various women from different cultural and religious backgrounds who found solace and strength in embracing Islam. This book delves deeply into their search for truth, the circumstances that led to their conversion, and the peace they discovered in the teachings of Islam. Through intimate testimonials and reflections, this work seeks to understand the nuances of Islamic appeal to women globally and the positive impact of the faith on their lives.

Author Bio:

Muhammad Haneef Shahid is recognized for his dedication to sharing the profound beauty and depth of Islam through written narratives. His work effectively showcases the diverse experiences of individuals coming to the faith, providing a platform for their voices and stories. With a compassionate and informed understanding of religious conversion, Shahid offers a nuanced perspective on the transformative journey of accepting Islam, specifically through the lens of women's experiences. His insightful compilations have become vital resources for those engaged in Islamic outreach and for readers seeking testimonies on spiritual awakening and growth.


Main Features:

  • Compelling personal accounts of female converts to Islam.
  • Examination of the challenges faced by these women and the societal norms of Islam.
  • Insights into the factors influencing the attraction of Islam among women of diverse origins.
  • Addresses common misconceptions about women's roles and rights in Islam.
  • Softcover book with a manageable weight of 0.53 kg for comfortable handling.
  • Published by Darussalam, ensuring scholarly research and authentic presentation.
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