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Fatwa on Fasting Zakat And Taraweeh

Fatwa on Fasting Zakat And Taraweeh

The Revelation

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Explore the profound moments of divine communication with "The Revelation," an engaging account of the Quran's descent to the Prophet (PBUH).

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Language English
Age Groups Young Adults
Pages 24
Publisher Darussalam
Book Size 12x17
Book Cover Soft

Book Overview:

"The Revelation" is a narrative crafted by Sami Ayoub and Mrs. Taylor Ayoub that brings to life the pivotal moments of Wahy (revelation) experienced by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). This book, targeted towards young adults, uses clear and concise English to detail the significant events of the Quranic revelation. Across its 24 pages, the booklet describes the process and feelings associated with the descent of the Quran, offering insights into the core of Islamic belief in a manner that holds the reader's attention from start to finish.

Author Bio:

Sami Ayoub and Mrs. Taylor Ayoub, the duo behind "The Revelation," share a dedication to making Islamic education approachable for the younger generation. Their collaborative efforts aim to create content that simplifies complex religious concepts without compromising their essence. Both authors possess an intrinsic ability to relate historical events in a relatable and instructive style, nurturing a connection between the reader and the profound events of Islamic history.


Main Features:

  • Captivating storyline that introduces readers to the concept of Wahy in Islam.
  • Educational content is ideal for young adults and children beginning their journey to understanding the Quran.
  • Compact and portable, with a softcover format for easy handling and reading.
  • Written in accessible English ensuring comprehension for a wide audience.
  • Authored by knowledgeable writers with a passion for conveying Islamic history and principles.
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