The Noble Quran - Pocket Size Interpretation of the Meanings in English - 10x15 Medium

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Tafsir Ahsanul Kalam is a Noble Quran with English translations. The Quranic verses have been printed in bold Persian scripts for pleasing and easy readability in spite of it being a pocket-size version. The meaning of each verse can be easily understood as it includes summarized tafseers from Sahih Bukhari, Tafsir Ibn Khatir & Tafsir Qurtabi in the footnotes making it a complete resource guide. Each page is finely printed with thin yet durable pages making it the lightest pocket Quran ever. Ideal for carrying in the pocket or in a bag/ purse. Makes an ideal gift too!


Ali Khan
Convenient, Yet Comprehensive.
‘The Noble Quran - Pocket Size’ offers a convenient way to carry the Quran wherever I go. The English translation and interpretation are done with care, offering a deeper understanding of its teachings. Although comprehensive, adding cross-references for related verses would further enrich this edition.
Adnan Mirza
A Blessing for Busy Lives.
Carrying ‘The Noble Quran - Pocket Size’ is a blessing in today’s fast-paced life. It allows me to stay connected with my faith everywhere. The English interpretation is enlightening, making complex verses more understandable. Enhancements in paper quality could make this excellent resource even better.
Sami Yusuf
Essential Companion for the Devout and the Inquisitive.
‘The Noble Quran - Pocket Size’ has elevated my understanding and connection to the Quran. Its concise translation and interpretation make the profound messages of the Quran accessible, regardless of where I am. The portability of this edition means it's always by my side, making it easier to integrate the teachings of the Quran into my daily life. A treasure for both devout Muslims and those seeking to understand Islam.
Layla Ibrahim
A Gem for English Readers Seeking Clarity.
This pocket-size Quran is a gem for English-speaking readers. The translation is clear, and the interpretations are enlightening, providing valuable context to Quranic verses. Its compact size is perfect for travel, though a slightly larger text font would enhance readability.
Nora Abdul
Portable and Practical, with Some Room for Improvement.
I appreciate the practicality and portability of this Quran edition. It has been incredibly useful in my journey to understand the Quranic teachings. While the translation is generally good, some passages could benefit from additional footnotes to explain cultural and historical contexts more thoroughly.
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