The Gift of Jumuah

The Gift of Jumuah

The gift of friendship - English - Soft Cover - 21x29

The gift of friendship - English - Soft Cover - 21x29

The Gift of Ramadan

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Embrace the virtues of the holy month with 'The Gift of Ramadan,' a thought-provoking guide to maximizing spiritual benefits during Ramadan.

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Language English
Author(s) Shazia Nazlee
Publisher Darussalam
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Book Cover Soft

Book Overview:

'The Gift of Ramadan' by Shazia Nazlee is a book that comes as a beacon for Muslims seeking to harness the profound blessings of Ramadan. Addressed to readers of all ages, it offers insights into why Ramadan holds such a revered place in Islam, detailing the opportunities it presents for spiritual growth, self-improvement, and greater closeness to Allah. The softcover book is both an informative and inspirational resource that explains the importance of fasting, prayer, and good deeds during this auspicious month.

Author Bio:

Shazia Nazlee is an accomplished author recognized for her ability to simplify and convey Islamic teachings to diverse audiences. Her writing is particularly appreciated for its clarity and relevance, as she works to connect readers with the spiritual essence of Islamic rituals and observances. Shazia’s books are known for being informative yet easy to understand, making them suitable for both adults and children looking to deepen their understanding and practice of Islam. Her work on Ramadan effortlessly guides Muslims towards a fulfilling and rewarding observance of one of the five pillars of Islam.


Main Features:

  • Softcover format with 21x29 dimensions, making the book both practical and accessible.
  • Written in clear, engaging language to explain the significance of Ramadan.
  • Discusses the practices and virtues of fasting, prayer, Quranic reflection, and charity.
  • Motivational guidance on how to make the most of Ramadan for spiritual and personal development.
  • Lightweight with a weight of just 0.114 kg, ideal for daily reading and reference throughout the month.
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