The Gift of Jumuah

The Gift of Jumuah

The Great Caliphs (Stories of The Sahabah for Kids)

The Great Caliphs (Stories of The Sahabah for Kids)

The First Human Murder

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Delve into 'The First Human Murder' to understand the gravity of this sin and its consequences from an Islamic perspective.

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Book Overview:

'The First Human Murder' by Nayeem Ahmad Baloch is a significant book that narrates the heinous act of the first murder committed by a human being, as recounted in Islamic teachings. It discusses the severity of the crime of murder and the strict punishment prescribed for it within Islamic law. By exploring the underlying causes of such a crime, the book offers preventative measures and suggests ways to cultivate a society where respect for life is paramount. This book serves as a crucial educational tool, particularly suitable for young readers, to build a strong moral foundation and understanding of the sanctity of human life.

Author Bio:

Nayeem Ahmad Baloch is an author whose works often focus on Islamic education and moral instruction. His commitment to instilling ethical values through the powerful medium of storytelling is evident in his literature. Baloch utilizes Islamic history and principles to create narratives that not only educate but also prompt readers to reflect on their actions and the society in which they live.


Main Features:

  • Explores the Islamic view on the first murder in human history, offering moral and religious teachings on the seriousness of the act.
  • Addresses the psychological and social factors that can lead to such grave sins.
  • Discusses the consequences and punitive measures outlined in Islamic jurisprudence.
  • Offers guidance on fostering a community that values life and discourages violence.
  • Written in straightforward language appropriate for young and adult readers alike.
  • Provides a constructive narrative for character building and ethical development.
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