The Essential Pearls and Gems of Ibn Taymiyyah

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Book Overview:

"The Essential Pearls and Gems of Ibn Taymiyyah" is a thoughtfully curated compilation of the seminal works of one of the most influential Islamic scholars in history. This book aims to introduce readers to Ibn Taymiyyah's rigorous defense of authentic Islamic thought and his criticisms of various philosophical and sectarian ideologies prevalent during his time. With his call to the path of the Quran and Sunnah, Ibn Taymiyyah's writings are a beacon for those seeking clarity and direction in practicing their faith. Edited for accessibility, this volume allows the modern reader to grasp the essence of Ibn Taymiyyah's scholarly legacy.

About the Author:

Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah was a prominent scholar revered for his expertise in Islamic jurisprudence, theology, and philosophy. His commitment to authentic Islamic teachings and practices, as well as his criticism of orthodoxy and innovation, established him as a pivotal figure in Islamic reform and revivalism. His works continue to inspire and educate Muslims on the importance of following the Quran and Sunnah in their purest form. Muhammad Ibn Abd ar-Rahman al-‘Arifi, who compiled this accessible edition, selected key writings from Ibn Taymiyyah's vast collection, aiming to connect contemporary readers with timeless Islamic scholarship.


Main Features:

  • Selections from Ibn Taymiyyah's extensive works focus on key aspects of Islamic doctrine.
  • Challenges and solutions presented by Ibn Taymiyyah for the turmoil and confusion faced by the ummah are well-documented and relevant to today's context.
  • The material is presented in an accessible format, bringing classic Islamic scholarship to a wider audience.
  • Weighs 0.785 kg, indicative of a substantial text populated with invaluable Islamic knowledge.
  • Produced and published by Darussalam, ensuring credibility and adherence to academic integrity.


Zayn Al-Abideen
Charting the Course of Orthodox Islam
In an era echoing Ibn Taymiyyah's own, "The Essential Pearls and Gems of Ibn Taymiyyah" is a timely invitation to explore Islamic teaching through a salafist lens. This collection emphasises the importance of adhering to the Quran and Sunnah, shedding light on the scholarly legacy of rectification and reformation in Islam.
Layla Al-Safi
Ibn Taymiyyah’s Intellectual Legacy Deciphered
Unveiling the richness of medieval Islamic scholarship, "The Essential Pearls and Gems of Ibn Taymiyyah" offers a distilled compilation of Ibn Taymiyyah's vast works. It promises to educate and guide readers through the scholar’s profound reflections, debates, and interpretations, which remain as relevant today as they were centuries ago.
Idris Al-Amir
Reflections on a Medieval Scholar's Enduring Insights
Delve into “The Essential Pearls and Gems of Ibn Taymiyyah,” where Dr. Muhammad Abd al-Rahman al-‘Arifi offers a curated selection from the works of the influential Islamic scholar Ibn Taymiyyah. Tailored for the modern reader, this collection bridges past and present, offering a touchstone of Islamic philosophy and jurisprudence.
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