The End of The World

Hard, 9786035001298, Darussalam, Aburrahman Areefi, english, 425, 14x21
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The End of The World

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has mentioned the signs of the Day of Judgment. Some of these signs have been recorded in historical documents after their occurrence, while others are currently visible, and some are yet to unfold in the future.

  • This book also encompasses the signs of the Day of Judgment, presenting them in a systematic order.
  • The book provides a beautiful, illuminating narrative and includes 40 rare maps that vividly depict the signs of the Day of Judgment.
  • The book discusses minor and major signs of the Day of Judgment, detailing those that have already transpired and those that are yet to come.
  • The emergence of the Antichrist, the descent of Jesus Christ, and the appearance of Gog and Magog are highlighted.
  • In addition to these, various events on Earth, such as the sun's rising from the west and the spectacular sight of a blazing fire, are mentioned as signs.
  • The book also refutes the false theories held by proponents of various ideologies and provides reassuring answers to different questions.
  • The primary aim is to offer a detailed yet valuable compilation of information on the subject.

About the Author:

Dr. Muhammad bin Abdul Rahman Al-Arifi is esteemed for his profound understanding and profound insights into Islamic philosophy. Renowned for his advanced grasp of theological knowledge, his studies focus on the exploration of the complex aspects of Islamic teachings and tradition.


Sarah Al Qahtani
A Revealing Expedition into Islamic Eschatology
"End of the World", with Dr. Abdul Rehman Al Areefi's scholarly interpretation, unfolds the curtain of time, illuminating the signs of the Day of Judgment. A must-read for those seeking profound insight into the Islamic perspective on life, death, and the hereafter.
Omar Bin Saif
Engaging and Enlightening
This book is a significant milestone in understanding the eschatological events from an Islamic point of view. It tantalizes the reader with its well-researched narrations, meticulous structure, and insightful discussions centered around the Day of Judgment.
Musab Al Khouri
An Intellectual Tour of Islamic Prophecy
This book creates a knowledgeable path, unveiling the mysteries of the Day of Judgment. Its unique quality lies in Dr. Al Areefi's ability to link historic prophecies with present realities and future uncertainties from an Islamic perspective.
Fatima Al Mansoori
Journey to the Unseen
"End of the World" is an immersive dive into the profound dimensions of Islamic teachings and prophecies concerning life's ultimate realities. The credibly researched material served with the author's mastery in translation makes it an impressive read.
Najla Al Hamad
A Thought-provoking Encounter with Eschatology
"End of the World" offers a captivating glimpse into the Islamic perspective of eschatology. It is comprehensive, intriguing, and resonates with the spiritual and ethical undertones that make it an enriching read. The book reflects the true depth of the Islamic thought process surrounding life and beyond.
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