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Just as men have duties that are not binding upon women… Such as praying in congregation, providing for one’s family, fighting in the way of Allah, etc.: Women have duties that are not binding upon men. Such as wearing Hijab, raising children while the men are gone out to work, etc. This involves nothing more than a distribution of duties.

The choice is with every woman: Will she follow the ideas and morals that are formulated by men, men whose minds are inherently deficient, or will she follow what her Lord has commanded her to do?


Zainab Ali
Inspirational, Though More Contemporary Examples Would Enhance It.
While the book offers profound insights into the Islamic view of womanhood, incorporating more contemporary issues and examples could make it even more relatable and empowering. Nonetheless, ‘The Choice of Every Woman’ is a significant work that supports and inspires its readers to embody the principles of Islam with pride.
Fatima Khan
Valuable Content with Need for Modern Contextualization.
’The Choice of Every Woman’ presents valuable lessons and guidance from an Islamic perspective, yet it sometimes falls short in addressing modern challenges directly. Incorporating contemporary contexts and dilemmas would make this resource even more indispensable for today's Muslim women navigating their faith and roles in society.
Aisha Mahmood
Highly Recommend for Its Practicality and Depth.
This book serves as an invaluable guide for understanding the rights, responsibilities, and the revered position of women in Islam. ‘The Choice of Every Woman’ brilliantly balances scholarly depth with practical advice, making it accessible and beneficial for all. It has positively impacted my perception and strengthened my faith.
Layla Ibrahim
Empowering and Enlightening Read for Muslim Women.
‘The Choice of Every Woman’ is an essential read that beautifully addresses the spiritual, societal, and individual aspects of a Muslim woman's life. Each chapter is thoughtfully structured, offering guidance coupled with Quranic verses and Hadiths. It's a gift of empowerment and enlightenment, reminding us of the dignified status Islam grants to women.
Noura Abdul-Rahman
An Encouraging Read for Muslim Women Across Generations.
This book is a treasure, providing encouragement and clarity on the role of women in Islam. The writing is gentle yet persuasive, backed by Islamic teachings. My only suggestion would be to include more personal stories or anecdotes to illustrate the principles in practice, making it even more engaging and relatable.
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