Tayammum - Dry Ablutions - الصعيد الطيب

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About Tayammum:

“O Believers! When preparing prayers, wash your face and hands up to the elbows, and wipe your heads, your feet up to your ankles, and [if] you do not have water, commit to clean the earth and wipe your face with your hands. ” (Holy Qur'an)

Tayammum is a Muslim act of dry bathing using sand or dust, which may be performed instead of a traditional bath if no clean water is readily available or if a person suffers from skin rashes caused by moisture stretching or aging. Moreover, there is another commandment.


When used:

Difficulty (ḥaraj) and great difficulty (Mashaqqah)
Water use is dangerous
Inability to get water
Lack of water

Darussalam Dry Ablutions - Tayammum Featuers:

  • Clean and dry wash.
  • It has a reasonable price.
  • A gift especially for the elderly and the sick if performing Wadhu is difficult for them


Fatima Zahra
Useful, Yet Requires Proper Understanding to Use.
This Tayammum kit is a thoughtful product for those who cannot perform ablutions with water. However, it's crucial to fully understand the Tayammum procedure to ensure it's performed correctly. Additional educational materials included with the product would be helpful.
Youssef Abdul
Practical Solution for Unique Circumstances.
'Tayammum - Dry Ablutions’ offers a convenient solution for fulfilling ablutions when water is scarce or unusable. While it cannot fully replace the spiritual experience of using water, it certainly eases the burden in difficult situations. A bit more variety in the packaging size would be appreciated.
Saeed Malik
Essential for Outdoor Enthusiasts and Travelers.
‘Tayammum - Dry Ablutions’ is an essential item for anyone who loves hiking, camping or travels frequently. It provides a way to stay spiritually clean when options are limited. The quality feels authentic, but including a compact carrying case would make it even better for on-the-go use.
Ahmad Farooq
Convenient and Respectful Way to Fulfill Religious Obligations.
Finding 'Tayammum - Dry Ablutions' has been a game-changer for me, especially during my travels and times when water is not accessible. This product respects the essence of cleanliness in Islam while offering a practical solution. It's easy to use, and I now always keep one in my travel bag.
Layla Hussain
Peace of Mind for Health Conscious Users.
As someone who faces skin irritations with frequent water use, the 'Tayammum - Dry Ablutions' product has provided me with an alternative that keeps both my faith and health in check. The simple instructions and quality material make it indispensable for my daily routine.

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