Strategies of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

Hard, 9786035002462, Darussalam, Omar Khayyam Sheikh, english, 14x21
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More About Strategies of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Book

Step into the shoes of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and explore the strategic mind behind the stunning success of Islam. In this comprehensive biography, Omar Khayyam Sheikh delves deep into the life of the Prophet, revealing the innovative methods he employed to unite the warring tribes of Arabia and shape the future of humanity. From his early days in Mecca to his triumphant return to Makkah, the book takes you on a journey through the highs and lows of the Prophet's life, highlighting his groundbreaking approaches to diplomacy, leadership, and community building.

Whether you're a Muslim looking to deepen your understanding of your faith or simply someone interested in history and leadership, "Strategies of Prophet Muhammad" is an indispensable resource. It's a powerful reminder that, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles, visionary leadership and timeless wisdom can transform the course of human history.


Embrace the opportunity to draw inspiration from one of the most influential figures in human civilization – order your copy today!

About The Author

Omar Khayyam Sheikh is a revered author known for his in-depth analysis and relatable interpretation of holy Islamic texts. He brings a distinctive blend of meticulous research and an eloquent writing style to provide an inspiring and insightful perspective of Islamic history and heritage. His work, "Strategies of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)" is a testament to his scholarly prowess and dedication.

"Strategies of Prophet Muhammad" provides a unique perspective on Islamic history, focusing on the practical steps taken by the Prophet to spread his message and build a strong, cohesive community. You'll learn how he:

    • Established alliances with neighboring tribes, creating a powerful coalition that paved the way for the spread of Islam
    • Utilized his exceptional communication skills to convey his message effectively to diverse audiences
    • Empowered women and marginalized communities, promoting social justice and equality
    • Developed a robust system of governance that ensured the stability and prosperity of the growing Muslim community
    • Encouraged education, knowledge sharing, and intellectual curiosity among his followers

As the world continues to grapple with conflicts and divisions, the strategies employed by Prophet Muhammad offer a much-needed ray of hope. By studying his approach, we can learn valuable lessons on conflict resolution, negotiation, and community building, making us better equipped to tackle the challenges of our times.


Alia A.
So far so good!
I haven't had time to read as much as i wanted, but so far I'm enjoying it.
Mr S Rizaev
worth reading.
worth reading. excellent headlines. It is written in a way that any religion can read without getting too distracted with spirituality.
Exceptional & excellent resource for the strategies & tactics utilized by Prophet Muhammad ( saw).
The reason for my 4 star review was due to the redundancy of events already covered within the book. Yet I appreciated the writers focus of displaying the hikma (wisdom) & Sabr ( patience) utilized by the Prophet (saw) when dealing with men/women from all walks of life, be they of high rank/status or commoners, thus showing the true miracle & balance of the hediyah ( revelation) & Deen ( a comprehensive belief system of how an individual, society, & government should conduct their/its daily affairs; regardless of/to a time, a people, or geographical location ).
Waleed Asad
Good Seerah
I like this seerah because it talks about the prophets life from a strategic perspective, which is unique.
Only down side is that there are severL typos in the book.
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