Story of Mohammed (PBUH) in Makkah

Soft, 9789960995809, Darussalam, Abu Zahir, english, 17x18
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Details About Story of Mohammed (PBUH) in Makkah Book

Experience the incredible journey of Prophet Muhammad صلی الله علیه آله وسلم like never before! "The Story of Muhammad صلی الله علیه آله وسلم in Makkah" is a captivating children's book series that takes young readers on a thrilling adventure through the streets of Makkah, revealing the significant events and lessons from the Prophet's life.

Designed for parents, seeking to instill a love for Islamic history and values in young hearts, "The Story of Muhammad صلی الله علیه آله وسلم in Madinah" is an essential addition to any home or classroom library.


Order your copy today and watch your child's eyes light up with excitement as they discover the wonders of Prophet Muhammad's life!

This beautifully crafted book features:

    • Engaging illustrations that bring the stories to life
    • Simple language that's easy to understand for both native and non-native English speakers
    • Fascinating accounts of the Prophet's experiences in Madinah, including his migration, the building of the Mosque, and his interactions with the people around him
    • Valuable lessons on kindness, compassion, honesty, and bravery that children can apply to their everyday lives

About the Author

Abu Zahir hailed as a distinguished author, is highly respected for his exceptional storytelling that illuminates the life of Prophet Mohammed PBUH. His ability to transform complex historical narratives into engaging tales easily comprehendible by young readers is admired universally. His works weave a strong nuanced tapestry of Prophet Mohammed's life, fostering a robust connection between young minds and the profound wisdom of these sacred Islamic tales.


Hallie Amatullah
This book has its positives and negatives.
This book does present the seerah in a story format. Great as an introduction or supplement for children. Great for creating a bullet point list of some of the "main events" for kids to know and memorize. The section on Isra Wal Miraj is long enough that kids will hold on to that event. I would recommend it as a supplement for children to their other seerah learning.The second time I read this book, I had already studied a complete seerah at an adult level from a few different sources. I was then able to grasp that every sentence in this book referenced multiple things. I didn't come across anything in this book that conflicted with my previous studies of seerah, unlike what you usually find in children's Islamic story books - additional details made up by the author to make the story flow better. The only thing I saw the tiniest bit of issue with was the timeline in the part of the story about Haleemah(eg. when she realized having Muhammad (saaws) in her household brought her blessings), and the part where "Muhammad (saaws) was now an orphan" being mentioned right after his mother died (vs Islamically, and I believe in Arabian culture, he would have been considered an orphan once his father died). But of course, both of those instances might just have something to do with my lack of knowledge.
Idil abdulqadir
Nice book
Nice book, highly recommended!
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