Real Life Lessons from The Holy Quran / شخصیت سازی کے سنہرے اصول / Shakhsiyat saazi ke sunehre usool

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More About Real Life Lessons from The Holy Quran

  • The book “Real Life Lessons from The Holy Quran for the 21st Century Muslim” was written by Muhammad Bilal Lakhani.
  • Real Life Lessons from The Holy Quran for the 21st Century Muslim” is the best guidebook for shaping one's personality in the mirror of the Quran Majeed.
  • Readers, this world is the examination hall, and we are going through life as if taking an exam. Just as we study a prescribed syllabus to take exams in the world, Allah has also set a syllabus for the exam of life, and that is the Quran Majeed. Neglecting the syllabus of life is the result of indifference to this life syllabus.
  • Therefore, just like studying and understanding the syllabus of other exams, it is also extremely necessary to study and understand the syllabus of the exam of life.
  • Thus, this book is a message of life for those individuals who want to free themselves from the psychological and material complexities of life and start living a pleasant life.
  • Darussalam has translated it into Urdu keeping in mind the taste of the people, which Mr. Yunus Qureshi is fortunate to have. Muhammad Anwar Awan, Hafiz Muhammad Nadeem, and Hafiz
  • Usman Yusuf did the proofreading one after the other. In particular, Hafiz Qamar Hasan has also made some useful additions, thus doubling the usefulness of the book. The renovation by Art
  • Director Muhammad Safat Elahi and Senior Designer Haroon Al Rasheed have made the book more attractive. May Allah reward all these companions.
  • Get this valuable guidebook, study it thoroughly, and embark on the journey of making your life successful in the light of its contents.


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