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Quran Activity Book For Kids

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Engage children in Quranic learning with our interactive Quran Activity Book for Kids.

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Weight 0.250000
Language English
ISBN 9788178989785
Pages 88
Author(s) Mohd. Harun Rashid
Publisher Goodword
Book Size 21x21
Book Cover Soft

Book Overview

"Quran Activity Book for Kids" by Ayse Seda Denizer is a special book that makes learning about the Quran fun for kids. This book is filled with games like coloring, puzzles, and more. The book also tells children about important lessons from the Quran. It talks about the names of Surahs, prophets, and simple verses.

Main Features:

  • Learn and Fun Combined: The book combines learning and fun seamlessly. Packed with exciting activities, it helps children learn vital Quranic teachings while keeping them engaged.
  • Wide Variety: The book includes a wide variety of activities from coloring, drawing, connecting the dots, to puzzles, crossword puzzles, and more. This variety keeps the learning experience vibrant and fun.
  • Foundational Knowledge: This activity book introduces children to the fundamental aspects of the Quran – from the names of Surahs, to key prophets, to simple Ayahs. This ensures they get a reliable foundation.
    • Interactive Learning: The book encourages interactive learning by asking questions and providing activities that involve active participation from the children.
    • Stories of Prophets: The book features captivating stories of the prophets to give life lessons and model character.
    • Suitable for All: Designed for children of all knowledge levels, you can easily adjust the pace of learning according to your child's abilities.

About the Author

Ayse Seda Denizer is a writer who focuses on making religious teachings simple for kids. She has a passion for helping young minds develop a deep understanding and love for the Quran and Islam.

With a keen eye for detail, she crafts books that not just educate kids about the basics of Islam, but also inspire a sense of love and respect towards the religion. Her ability to simplify complex teachings into engaging activities makes her work stand out.

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