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The new pen Quran by Dar ul Qalam publishers is an innovative device that allows readers to listen to a digital voice over by using the pen on the provided book. A perfect device for young children, learning to recite in Arabic. Suitable for all readers and a great way to improve your Arabic recitation and to learn the Quran.

The pack contains 10 books to use the pen with.

  • The Biography of the Holy Prophet PBUH with Quiz
  • Stories of the Prophets with Quiz
  • Hayatus Sahabah with Quiz
  • General Knowledge on the Holy Quran with Quiz
  • Pillars of Islam with Quiz
  • Qaida Noorani
  • Sahih Bukhari
  • Sahih Muslim
  • Riyad us Saliheen
  • Talking Dictionary


Fatima Mirza
Excellent Learning Aid with Comprehensive Features.
The Pen Quran by Dar ul Qalam is an innovative and educational device that has aided not just the kids in the family, but also adults learning to recite the Quran correctly. The additional features, like translation and tajweed rules, are exceptionally helpful. Adding a feature to control the speech speed would make it even more versatile.
Asma Ali
Revolutionary Learning Tool for Quranic Arabic.
The Pen Quran has been a transformative tool for my family, especially for my children learning Arabic recitation. Its ease of use and clear audio guidance significantly enhance the learning experience. It's remarkably effective for beginners and anyone looking to improve their Quranic recitation. Highly recommend for its educational value.
Layla Hussain
Great Concept, Needs Slight Improvement.
The Pen Quran is a fantastic concept, making Quranic study more accessible and interactive. While it's greatly beneficial for learners, I've noticed occasional issues with pen sensitivity. Nonetheless, it's a valuable resource I'd recommend to anyone embarking on their Quranic journey.
Bilal Khan
Engaging and User-Friendly.
I purchased the Pen Quran for personal use to improve my Arabic recitation. The digital voiceover is crisp, and the pen's responsiveness is impressive. It’s an engaging way to connect with the Quran more deeply, suitable for all ages. Would love to see more languages included for translation.
Youssef El-Sayed
Beneficial but Could Be More Durable.
I found the Pen Quran to be an excellent learning device, particularly useful for children just starting with their recitation skills. However, the build quality could be improved to withstand regular use. Overall, it’s a beneficial tool with room for durability enhancements.

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