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Learning Arabic Language of the Quran

My Arabic Alphabet Book (Numbers) - English

My Arabic Alphabet Book (Numbers) - English

Passport to English Book 3

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Master everyday American English conversation with practical language and real-life situations.

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Language English
ISBN 9960986039
Pages 42
Author(s) Larbi Benrezzouk
Publisher Darussalam
Book Size 17x24
Book Cover Hard

Book Overview:

This English course is for people who want to learn simple American English conversation. The main goal is to help learners talk in English for different situations, reasons, and roles. In this course, you will learn natural and useful English for everyday situations like work, being with friends, and free time.

Course Structure:

  1. Starting Each Lesson:
     New Words: Each lesson begins with important words for that lesson.
     Grammar Help: Some lessons start by teaching you about English grammar.
  2. Learning Grammar:
    Talking About It: Instead of explaining grammar, we talk about it in short conversations.
    Learning by Doing: This helps you understand how to use grammar correctly.
  3. Fun Learning Experience:
    Real-Life Situations: The course talks about things you do every day.
    Talking Practice: Short, fun talks show you how to use English in real life.


Why Choose This Book?

    • Clear Language: Easy-to-understand content.
    • Visual Support: Illustrations for better understanding.
    • Track Progress: Assessments and milestones included.
    • Global Perspective: Explore English in different contexts.
    • For Everyone: Suitable for all ages and skill levels.

About the Author:

Larbi Benrezzouk brings a wealth of experience as a language educator to "Passport to English Book 3." His passion for making language learning accessible and enjoyable is evident throughout this resource, offering learners a unique blend of expertise and creativity.

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