200 golden Hadiths - Urdu

200 golden Hadiths - Urdu

40 Hadith on Prayer

40 Hadith on Prayer

Musnad Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal Volume 4

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Delve into the extensive hadith collection of 'Musnad Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal Volume 4 - English', featuring authentic narrations with English translation, brought forth by Darussalam.

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Book Overview:

'Musnad Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal 4 Volume - English' is a monumental work in Islamic literature offering a comprehensive collection of hadiths. Compiled by Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal, it categorizes the sayings, actions, and approvals of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as conveyed by his Companions. This specific publication by Darussalam represents an admirable effort to extend the reach of these hadiths to an English-speaking audience, coupled with scholarly comments on their authenticity.

About the Publisher:

Darussalam is known for its prestigious role in Islamic publishing, providing authentic and authoritative resources in religious studies. This translation of Imam Ahmad's Musnad reflects Darussalam's commitment to making Islamic knowledge accessible to English-speaking Muslims. As a trusted source for Islamic literature, Darussalam continues to serve the ummah by disseminating essential texts underpinned by scholarly research.


Darussalam’s translation maintains the integrity of the original script while rendering it accessible to a wider audience, making it an invaluable resource for students and lovers of prophetic traditions.

Main Features:

  • An extensive collection of hadiths organized by the narrator, exemplifying the status and diligence of the Companions in preserving the Sunnah.
  • Commendable English translation with authentic comments to guide readers.
  • Weight of approximately 1.741 kg indicating substantial scholarly content.
  • Four hardcover volumes ensure durability for comprehensive study and reference.
  • An immense academic contribution to the Hadith sciences by Darussalam, known for quality publications.
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