Arabic Course Grade 2

Arabic Course Grade 2

Arabic Words Board Book - English

Arabic Words Board Book - English

Modern Arabic Made Easy

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Simplify Arabic learning with English support. Ideal for travelers to Arabic-speaking countries.
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Language English
Age Groups Young Adults
ISBN 9786035003469
Pages 224
Publisher Darussalam
Book Size 17x24
Book Cover Soft

Modern Arabic made Easy is written by Mr. Nasir Uddin Khattab and aims to use English for Arabic teaching. Most Arabic course books available guide the reader about the Arabic used in the Quran which can be quite complex especially for a person that's new to the language. Arabic in itself can be a difficult language to learn. This book simplifies the teaching of Arabic. This book teachers English Speakers using a grid pattern. English and Arabic words, phrases, and verses are displayed adjacent to each other so that the reader can easily view the Arabic version of a particular word or phrase.  It's particularly useful for people traveling to Arabic speaking countries.

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Dictionary of Islamic Words and Expressions

How well do you know Arabic? Do you aimlessly recite the Quran and depend on the translations for the meanings? Do you refer to an Islamic dictionary?

Arabic was the language of the Prophet Ishmael (A.S), the son of the Prophet Ibrahim (A.S). They were called pure Arabs. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was also a descendant of Ishmael (A.S) and the language of his family, the Quraysh, was the most eloquent of all languages. Allah Almighty also revealed the Holy Quran in this language.

Since all of us Muslims believe that the Quran is the word of God, this language also has the virtue of being performed by Allah Himself. The same language will be in the paradise for us Muslims, إن شاء الله. Its a language we must all strive to learn with the help of books and Islamic dictionaries.

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