Medicine of Prophet - Color - Arabic - الطب النبوى

Hard, Darussalam, Darussalam Research Center, arabic, 344, 17x24, 4 color
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قال ابن قيم الجوزية رحمه الله:"وليس طِبُّهُ صلى الله عليه وسلم كطبِّ الأطباء، فإن طبَّ النبيِّ صلى الله عليه وسلم مُتيقَّنٌ قطعيٌّ إلهيٌّ، صادرٌ عن الوحي، ومشكاة النبوَّة، وكمالِ العقل. وطبُّ غيره أكثرُه حَدْسٌ وظنونٌ، وتجاربٌ. ولا يُنْكَرُ عدمُ انتفاع كثيرٍ من المرضى بطبِّ النبوة؛ فإنَّه إنما ينتفعُ به مَن تلقاهُ بالقبول واعتقادِ الشِّفاء به، وكمال التلقِّي له بالإيمان والإذعان".

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Tib E Nabvi

What is the medicine of the Prophet (PBUH)? What does Islam say about medicine and cures? Does Islam provide cures for common ailments and prevention of diseases?

Medicine in Islam carries a history of enquiry, innovation, and change. Through and through, the search for knowledge occupies an esteemed place in the Islamic worldview. This notion, combined with the universal need to preserve and restore health, has therefore invigorated the development of the science of medicine since the early centuries of Islam by leaps and bounds.

All over the Islamic world, physicians, scientists and philosophers alike have sustained the wealth of medicinal knowledge with their incalculable contributions.

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Layla Fathi
Authentic but Accessible to Those Well-Versed in Arabic.
Reading about prophetic medicine in its original language was both enriching and challenging. The book dives deep into the health practices recommended by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). However, those not fluent in Arabic may struggle with some of the more complex terminology without a translation or glossary.
Amina Rashid
Insightful and Enlightening; A Must-Have.
This book provides a unique and comprehensive look into the healing practices advised by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The Arabic edition is particularly potent as it remains true to the original expressions and terms used. While the reading requires a good understanding of Arabic, the depth of knowledge it offers is unmatched.
Youssef Khaled
A Detailed Guide, Yet Needs Contemporary Context.
‘Medicine of the Prophet’ offers detailed insights into the holistic approach of prophetic medicine. The original Arabic text adds to its authenticity. However, the inclusion of comparisons with contemporary medical advice would greatly benefit the readers, as it would link historical practices with modern health science.
Hassan Al Amri
A Treasure Trove of Prophetic Wisdom on Wellbeing.
'Medicine of the Prophet' in its authentic Arabic language is a profound compilation that bridges the ancient wisdom of prophetic medicine with modern-day health concerns. This book meticulously presents the teachings and recommendations of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) regarding health, nutrition, and healing. It’s an invaluable resource for anyone interested in exploring traditional Islamic medicine.
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