Islamic Studies - Grade 6

Islamic Studies - Grade 6

Islamic Studies - Grade 9

Islamic Studies - Grade 9

Islamic Studies - Grade 7

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Deepen your understanding of Islam with 'Islamic Studies - Grade 7', a comprehensive educational resource for young adolescents.

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Language English
Author(s) Molvi Abdul Aziz
Publisher Darussalam
Book Size 17x24
Book Cover Soft

Book Overview:

"Islamic Studies - Grade 7 - Eng." is an integral part of a series dedicated to providing students with a thorough grounding in all key aspects of Islamic studies. This textbook is specifically designed for Grade 7 students, offering detailed lessons on Tafseer, Hadeeth, Tawheed, Fiqh, Seerah, and Islamic etiquette in various life situations. With attention to authenticity and the use of original Arabic terms, this book is an excellent resource for young Muslims keen on learning their religious heritage.

Author Bio:

Molvi Abdul Aziz is the author responsible for this enriching and well-conceived educational series. An Islamic scholar with a passion for education, Molvi Abdul Aziz's work reflects his dedication to ensuring that the teachings of Islam are transmitted accurately and accessibly. His profound understanding of the subject matter is matched by a commitment to educational excellence. 


Main Features:

  • Authentically sourced content covering the essentials of Islamic Studies.
  • Incorporates Arabic script with transliteration and translation of terms for a deeper understanding.
  • Lessons are followed by exercises and questions to encourage reflection and reinforce learning.
  • Includes colorful artwork to engage students and facilitate a stimulating educational experience.
  • Prioritizes the memorization of supplications in their original Arabic to enhance spiritual and linguistic knowledge.
  • A well-rounded educational approach aims to build knowledge about beliefs, practices, and moral comportment in Islam.
  • The 17x24 book size and soft cover make it easy to handle and appealing to students.
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