Islamic Rulings on Menstruation and Postpartum Condition

Soft, 9789960732091, Darussalam, Darussalam Research Center, english, 64, 14x21
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Book Overview:

'Islamic Rulings on Menstruation and Postpartum' is an essential guide for Muslim women seeking to understand and navigate the Islamic jurisprudence related to menstrual cycles and postpartum conditions. This book, published by Darussalam and authored by the in-house Research Center, carefully examines the impacts these physiological processes have on religious practices such as fasting, prayer, Islamic studies, and marital relations. With 64 pages of concise yet comprehensive information, the text addresses common doubts and offers clear fatwas (Islamic legal rulings) backed by scriptural evidence.

About the Publisher:

Darussalam is a renowned publisher dedicated to the accurate presentation of Islamic teachings. This publication, like others from Darussalam, reflects the publisher's commitment to providing necessary and sometimes under-discussed knowledge for the Muslim community. The Research Center focuses on compiling reliable and practical religious information that can guide Muslims in their daily lives. Through publications like 'Islamic Rulings on Menstruation and Postpartum', Darussalam ensures that its readers have the resources needed to practice their faith with confidence and understanding.


Main Features:

  • A concise guide detailing Islamic jurisprudence on women's issues of menstruation and postpartum conditions.
  • Explains how these conditions affect various religious duties and rituals.
  • Tailored for adult readers seeking to reconcile faith practices with physical health.
  • Simple, direct language facilitates ease of understanding complex religious rulings.
  • Softcover edition with a comfortable 14x21 book size for portability and ease of reading.
  • Weighing 0.200 kg, this lightweight volume is an accessible resource for quick reference.


Fatima Al Zahra
Addressing Women's Religious Concerns with Scholarly Care
Darussalam's "Islamic Rulings on Menstruation and Postpartum" fills a critically needed space in Islamic jurisprudence, offering detailed fatwas that are both accessible and meticulously researched. The booklet reassures Muslim women that their unique physical experiences are accounted for and respected within the faith.
Asma Bint Yousuf
Empowering Guidance on Female Physiology in Islam
This enlightening publication removes any ambiguity surrounding a woman's worship during the menstrual and postpartum periods. It exemplary details the rulings, thereby empowering women with the knowledge to maintain their devotion and religious responsibilities without compromising their health or Islamic duties.
Khadijah Al-Kubra
Faithful Adherence to Religious Practice for Women
This concise and practical guide asserts the importance of understanding the Islamic perspective on women-specific issues. "Islamic Rulings on Menstruation and Postpartum" serves as an indispensable compass for women who seek to fulfill their religious rights and obligations while respecting the body's natural processes, as intended by Islamic law.
Umm Ayesha
Vital Insights for the Muslim Woman
"Islamic Rulings on Menstruation and Postpartum" provides an authoritative yet compassionate guide to understanding and navigating the religious aspects of a woman's natural physiological cycles. This work by the Darussalam Research Center addresses practical questions and offers solutions within an Islamic framework, essential for women seeking religious clarity on matters pertinent to their personal lives.
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