Interpretation of the Meanings of The Noble Quran in English - 8x12 Hardcover

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Complete Quran Translation in English

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The Interpretation of the meanings of the noble Quran
The Quran is a heavenly system for all the dwellers of the earth, and it is a mighty treasure if only mankind realizes its authenticity and truth. It is an obligation for this Ummah to spread the messages and teachings of Islam worldwide.

However to spread the word of the Quran and act upon it it's crucial to first understand it. There was a great need to publish a version of the Quran that had comprehensive translations and tafsirs in English.

There was a need for the translation and interpretation of the Noble Quran that was free from bias of sect and in accordance with the salaf. It was difficult to find such an example, especially one that presented the interpretation in a very simple and pleasing manner so that people of all ages could benefit from it equally.


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