How to Invite People to Allah

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Discover a novel dimension of spirituality with "How to Invite People to Allah" penned by the acclaimed Islamic scholar, Dr. Muhammad Al-'Areefi. This compelling account renders profound lessons on effectively communicating Islamic precepts to the world. 

  • Revel in the masterfully structured content, offering clear insights on Islamic principles and ideals.
  • Experience the unique ease of comprehension, catered to both English native and non-native readers.
  • Delve into topics that unravel the true essence of inviting others to seek solace in Islam.
  • Grasp the wisdom behind the peaceful teachings of Islam and its significance in today’s world.

Why is it paramount to extend the invitation to embrace Allah's faith? How can even those who have strayed find their place in combating evil and championing goodness? What qualities define an effective preacher, and how should they extend the call to Allah?

About the Author

Dr. Al-Areefi provides insightful answers, emphasizing the vital role of inviting others to the faith. He underscores the potential for transformation and positive change, even among those who may have faltered. The attributes of an adept preacher are outlined, offering valuable guidance on how to effectively convey the message of Allah.

This booklet serves as a beacon for those seeking to understand and fulfill the duty of inviting others to the path of faith, imparting invaluable wisdom for anyone engaged in this sacred endeavor.


Ahmed Al-Khouri
Navigating the Path to Inviting Others to Embrace Islam
"How to Invite People to Allah" is a resoundingly profound book by Dr. Muhammad Al-'Areefi. It unveils key facets of Islamic principles and ideals, encouraging readers to extend the invitation of faith. It's an essential read in understanding the pivotal role of spiritual endeavor in Islam.
Fatima Al-Mansouri
A Guide to Spreading Peaceful Teachings of Islam
Dr. Al-'Areefi's book, "How to Invite People to Allah", imparts invaluable wisdom on the practice of Dawah. Through detailed insights, it underscores the significance of effectively disseminating Islamic precepts. An enlightening guide to fostering universal harmony and understanding through the call to faith.
Mahmoud Al-Fahim
Articulating the Call to Faith
"How to Invite People to Allah" by Dr. Muhammad Al-'Areefi encapsulates the essence of Dawah in an incredibly enlightening manner. The book offers a comprehensive perspective on the pivotal role of inviting others to the path of Allah, which is profoundly central to Islam.
Sarah Al-Naser
Wisdom-Packed Insights into the Practice of Dawah
Dr. Al-'Areefi's "How to Invite People to Allah" is an enlightening exploration into the Islamic practice of Dawah.
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