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A Treatise on Hijab

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Golden Stories of Sayyidah Khadija (R.A) - Urdu

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Delve into "Golden Facts of the Life of Sayyidah Khadija" in Urdu, a compelling account of her exemplary attributes and enduring support during Islam's inception.

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Language Urdu
Age Groups Young Adults
ISBN 9786035001649
Pages 224
Author(s) Abdul Malik Mujahid
Publisher Darussalam
Book Size 17x24
Book Cover Hard

Book Overview:

"Golden Facts of the Life of Sayyidah Khadija" offers an intimate glimpse into the life of Sayyidah Khadijah (RA), meticulously authored by Abdul Malik Mujahid. This narrative in Urdu celebrates her as a pillar of support to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and highlights her significant contributions to the nascent Muslim community. Beyond her known virtues of wisdom, piety, and generosity, the book explores her proactive role during challenging times, her profound faith, and her impact as a paragon for both genders in Islam. Placing the reader in the heart of the era, it provides an immersive experience of observing her life's pivotal moments, including her marriage to the Prophet (PBUH), her immense support in his divine mission, and the invaluable lessons embedded in her interactions with her family and the early Muslims.

Author Bio:

Abdul Malik Mujahid, an esteemed Islamic author and scholar, is known for his profound works that illuminate the lives of significant Islamic figures through meticulous research and authentic sourcing. His writings not only educate but also inspire readers by connecting them with Islam's rich cultural and religious heritage. In "Golden Facts of the Life of Sayyidah Khadija," Mujahid invites readers to absorb the timeless teachings and noble characteristics of Sayyidah Khadijah (RA), aiming to instill a deep respect and admiration towards this great mother of the believers.


Main Features:

  • Insightful and Authentic: Draws from trusted Islamic sources to accurately portray Sayyidah Khadijah’s (RA) life.
  • Universally Inspirational: Enumerates virtues making Sayyidah Khadijah an exemplary figure for all Muslims.
  • In-depth Exploration: A well-rounded depiction covering her traits, significant life events, and familial relationships.
  • Durable and Readable Format: Presented in a 17x24 hardcover edition for a comfortable and long-lasting reading experience.
  • Urdu Language Narrative: Specifically crafted for Urdu-speaking readers, enhancing accessibility and engagement with the historical and spiritual content.
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