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Glimpses of the Lives of Righteous People

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"Discover inspirational narratives in 'Glimpses of the Lives of Righteous People', a chronicle of the devout and dedicated in Islamic history."

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Language English
Age Groups Adults
ISBN 9789960899084
Pages 152
Publisher Darussalam
Book Size 14x21
Book Cover Hard

Book Overview:

"Glimpses of the Lives of Righteous People" offers a window into the souls and stories of the individuals who personified piety and devotion throughout Islamic history. This 152-page book contains enlightening anecdotes and lessons from the lives of the righteous, including the Khulafā' al-Rāshidūn (Rightly Guided Caliphs), the Sahabah (companions of the Prophet PBUH), the Sahabiyat (female companions), and the Tabi’un (followers of the companions). Presented in English, the book aims to inspire modern readers to embrace the values and virtues that these exemplary figures upheld, encouraging a life aimed at success in both the worldly life and the Hereafter.

Author Bio:

Majdi Muhammad Ash-Shahawi, a luminary in Islamic scholarship, brings the vivid pages of history to life with his book "Glimpses of the Lives of Righteous People." Born and educated in the rich cultural tapestry of Saudi Arabia, Ash-Shahawi holds a profound passion for the teachings and history of Islam, which is crystal clear in every work he authors.


In "Glimpses of the Lives of Righteous People," Ash-Shahawi encapsulates his extensive research and insightful analysis within 152 compelling pages. Published by Darussalam, a leading publisher in Islamic literature, this hardcover volume delves into the lives of figures who personified the virtues of Islam, inspiring generations to follow suit.

Main Features:

  • Offers engaging stories from Islamic history, presenting models of Islamic conduct.
  • Hardback cover, ensuring longevity and resilience for a well-kept library.
  • Tailored for adult readers but is accessible and beneficial to a broad audience interested in Islamic spirituality.
  • Standard book size of 14x21 cm, comfortable for reading and carrying.
  • ISBN 9789960899084, simplifying location and cataloging in personal and institutional collections.
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