Awesome Quran Facts

Hard, 9782987457718, Goodword, Saniyasnain Khan, english, Default
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Book Overview:

"Awesome Quran Facts" is a richly curated collection that presents hundreds of fascinating and inspirational truths concerning the personalities, locations, and events described within the Quran. Crafted by Saniyasnain Khan for children aged 7 to 10 years, this book is an ideal gateway for young minds eager to learn about the deeper meanings behind the Quran's timeless tales of faith. Brimming with easy-to-understand information, this book comes to life with vibrant photographs and illustrations, making it a visually stimulating experience that entwines learning with fun.

Author Bio:

Saniyasnain Khan is an acclaimed author and storyteller who specializes in children's books, particularly those relating to Islamic themes. His works are recognized for their ability to make religious stories compelling and approachable for younger audiences. Khan's dedication to Islamic education for children shines through in his creative storytelling and careful curation of facts, which aim to cultivate curiosity, understanding, and a love for the wisdom contained in the Holy Quran.


Main Features:

  • A compendium of heartwarming facts and stories compiled from the Quran, illustrated in a child-friendly format.
  • Contains captivating photographs and colorful illustrations to pique children's interest.
  • Easy-to-read text tailored for young readers, delivering the messages of the Quran in an accessible manner.
  • Hardcover book design, making it durable and suitable for repeated use by children.
  • Perfect for both home and classroom settings and as a gift to encourage knowledge and literacy about the Quran.
  • The publisher, Goodword, is reputed for producing quality Islamic educational materials for children.


Amirah Al-Zahid
Expanding Young Horizons Through Quranic Knowledge
"Awesome Quran Facts" by Saniyasnain Khan serves as a compelling source of Quranic knowledge that captivates young minds. This vivid and thoughtfully crafted book provides a joyful learning experience, blending engaging stories with colorful images that are bound to nurture a child's curiosity about the profound truths found in the Quran.
Abdullah Idris
Unearthing the Quran's Treasures for Children
Saniyasnain Khan’s "Awesome Quran Facts" is a fascinating tapestry of tales and insights from the Quran tailored for children. The sturdy hardcover book brims with engaging photographs and illustrations that enliven the richness of the Quranic narrative, offering children aged 7 to 10 a captivating introduction to the wonders within Islam's holy book.
Iman Fahad
Fostering Love for the Quran in Young Hearts
Engaging and information-packed, "Awesome Quran Facts" by Saniyasnain Khan offers an abundance of stories and facts from the Quran presented in a stimulating, pictorial format. Perfect for young readers, this book ignites imagination and faith, while providing a foundation of learning that will inspire a deep-seated appreciation for the Quran's message.
Lina Ismail
Visual and Educative Journey into the Quran
Illuminating and accessible, "Awesome Quran Facts" bridges the gap between ancient text and young curious minds. Saniyasnain Khan’s ability to distill profound Quranic knowledge into poignant snippets is an invaluable tool for parents and educators seeking to instill a love for the Quran in children.
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