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Abdul Haqs Diploma Day

Commanders of The Muslim Army

Commanders of The Muslim Army

Atlas of the Quran

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Dr. Shoki Abu Khalil's guide makes reading the Quran easier. It shows where things happened long ago and helps you understand better. Great for anyone reading or studying the Quran!

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Language English
ISBN 9789960897547
Author(s) Shawqi Abu khalil
Publisher Darussalam
Book Size 17x24
Book Cover Hard

Book Overview:

Journey through the annals of Islamic history with the "Atlas of the Quran", an outstandingly unique work by esteemed Dr. Shoki Abu Khalil. This first-of-its-kind map guide does more than simply cite the Qur'an; it brings its profound narratives to life.

Designed to fascinate and educate, this book:

  • Pinpoints locations of significant Quranic events, offering readers a new, vivid interpretation of every verse.
  • Unveils locations often overlooked, including the settlement site of Nuh's Ark, the curved Sand-hills {Al Ahqah}, and the residences of Median.
  • Embellishes Quranic recitation by eliminating guesswork and providing an engaging, interactive learning experience.


Within its pages, readers can visualize the landscapes of earliest Islamic civilization and chart the spread of the faith.

Simplified language ensures that even non-native readers can grasp the intricate subjects explored. Grab a copy of the "Atlas of the Quran" today, and navigate through the sacred words of the Qur'an like never before! 

About The Author:

Esteemed scholar, Dr. Shoki Abu Khalil, is celebrated for his accessible approach to Islamic studies. "Atlas of the Quran" exemplifies his dedication to making Islam understood globally.

His insightful yet easy-to-read style invites readers worldwide to delve deeper into Islamic history.

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