Amazing Quran Stories

Hard, 9788178983479, Goodword, Saniyasnain Khan, english, 238, 14x21
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Book Overview:

Amazing Quran Stories by SANIYASNAIN KHAN" is a delightful children's book designed to encourage a love of Quranic narratives and moral lessons amongst young readers. It offers a unique and exciting experience for kids to engage with the Quran in an easy-to-read and simplified language.

The book is divided into engaging stories, each with a distinctive theme and valuable lesson. Here's a glimpse of what the book brings to its readers.

What's Inside the Book:

  • The book has many Quran stories. Each story is easy and fun to read.
  • Bright, colorful pictures go with each story. They can help kids imagine what's happening.


    • Each story teaches a lesson. Kids can learn about things like being honest and patient.
    • The book uses simple words. This makes it easy for kids to understand.
    • Reading this book can start helpful talks between kids and parents about the Quran.

About The Author:

Saniyasnain Khan is a famous author who writes Islamic stories for kids. He uses simple words and colorful pictures to make his books fun and easy to understand. His books help teach kids good values and lessons from the Quran.


Muhammad Fahd
A Must-Have For Young Readers
This book is exceptional in both its content and execution. Not only are the stories engaging, but they also instill significant moral values in children. Khan's illustrations are vibrant and exciting, making them a perfect fit for keeping young children enchanted.
Fatimah Al-Saqqaf
Innovative Approach to Quranic Learning
This book transcends the limits of traditional Quranic studies for children – it's a fun and engaging guide that encourages kids to interact with the holy Quran in a creative and friendly environment.
Noura Bassam
A Captivating Journey through Quranic Narratives
'Amazing Quran Stories' bridges the gap between children's literature and religious teachings without compromising either. Khan's use of simple language combined with vivid illustrations makes this book a complete package for disseminating Quranic lessons to young minds.
Asma Ibrahim
Deep Wisdom Expressed Simply
'Amazing Quran Stories' offers a plethora of moral tales in an uncomplicated way that truly resonates with children. Saniyasnain Khan should be commended for his ability to make such profound Quranic lessons accessible to young readers.
Hassan Al-Nasr
Teaching Islam Through Stories
Saniyasnain Khan's 'Amazing Quran Stories' serves as an excellent resource for introducing children to Islam. Through fun stories and eye-catching pictures, the book effectively brings Quranic teachings to life, promoting honest conversations within the family about our beautiful religion.
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