Allah And Me

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Book Overview:

Allah and Me," written by Vinni Rahman, is a thoughtfully crafted masterpiece aimed at instilling in children the beautiful principles of Islam. It is an enriching book designed to guide young souls on their journey towards becoming conscientious followers of Islam.

Our main keyword, "Allah and Me," perfectly encapsulates the essence of the book. It denotes a personal journey of a child's growing relationship with Allah, the all-knowing, and his teachings.

The Crux of "Allah and Me"

"Allah and Me" is essentially a series of enlightening discussions termed as 'Little Talks,' each spotlighting a particular Islamic virtue. Rahman invites her young readers to ponder their behaviors and actions in the context of these virtues.

Each Talk concludes with Quranic verses and Hadith quotes, thus reinforcing the Islamic teaching discussed and serving as a spiritual guide for children.

Unique Features of "Allah and Me"

Encourages Child-Parent Discussions: "Allah and Me" initiates meaningful dialogues between children and parents, thus aiding in a mutual understanding of Islamic virtues.

Comprehensive and Contextual References: Quranic verses and Hadith quotes are woven seamlessly into the narrative, offering readers a holistic view of Islamic teachings.

Stimulates Self-reflection: Each Talk triggers introspection and self-assessment, urging children to incorporate Islamic values in daily life.

Author: Vinni Rahman, the Architect of Young Minds

Vinni Rahman is a well-regarded author, celebrated for her unique ability to make complex Islamic principles simple for children. Her works are a fusion of depth, engaging storytelling, and a deep understanding of child psychology, which makes her writings captivating for the young audience.


Ahmed Mustafa
A Treasure Trove of Islamic Principles
'Allah and Me' navigates the delicate art of instilling Islamic values in children. I appreciate how each talk concludes with Quranic verses and Hadith quotes, making this book an invaluable guide for young souls.
Reema Al-Jawadi
Innovative Approach towards Islamic Teachings
V. Rahman's 'Allah and Me' brilliantly takes the reader on a journey of introspection, making Islamic teachings relatable and digestible for children. This book has truly revolutionized how my children perceive their relationship with Allah.
Fatima Nasir
Enlightening and Child-Friendly
'Allah and Me' is a beautifully crafted book by Vinni Rahman, making the complex principles of Islam very simple and understandable for children. The little talks within the book have triggered introspective discussions with my child. Highly recommend!
Abdul-Malik Hasan
Islamic Teachings Simplified
'Allah and Me' offers a unique blend of Islamic teachings, engaging narrative, and child psychology. This combination has made the Islamic principles more approachable and practical for my children.
Umm Kulthum
Soul-Stirring and Educational
This book has not only uplifted my child's understanding of Islam but also deepened our parent-child conversations around Islamic virtues. Rahman has indeed created an essential resource in the form of 'Allah and Me.'
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