Al Quran Al Kareem 8

Al-Quran Al-Kareem 8 - (16 Lines)

Maani ul Quran Word for Word - Urdu - معاني القرآن لفظ به لفظ

Maani ul Quran Word for Word - Urdu - معاني القرآن لفظ به لفظ

Al Quran Al Kareem Tajweedi - 16 Lines (Hafizi 7B)

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Enhance your Tajweed recitation with 'Al Quran Al Kareem Tajweedi - 16 Lines 4 Colours (Hafizi 7B)', featuring color-coded tajweed rules for an improved Quranic reading experience.

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Publisher Darussalam
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Book Overview:

The 'Al Quran Al Kareem Tajweedi' is a meticulously crafted edition of the Holy Quran, designed to facilitate and improve the Tajweed recitation of readers. This edition is distinguished by its 16-line per page format and the use of four different colors to denote various Tajweed rules. The color-coding scheme simplifies the learning and application of Tajweed rules, making it easier for readers to follow and correct their recitation. Sized at 14x21 and published by Darussalam, this Hafizi (memorization-friendly) version is an ideal tool for students and teachers of the Quran alike, aiming to promote a deeper engagement with the divine text through correct pronunciation and recitation.

About the Publisher:

Darussalam is a leading international publisher of Islamic books known for its high-quality publications that cater to an English-speaking audience. Dedicated to spreading authentic Islamic knowledge, Darussalam offers a wide range of Quranic texts, Hadith compilations, Seerah, and more, all produced with the utmost care for fidelity to the source material. 'Al Quran Al Kareem Tajweedi' is a testament to Darussalam's commitment to providing valuable resources that support Islamic education and personal growth.


Main Features:

  • Color-Coded Tajweed Rules: Utilizes a four-color scheme to visually distinguish and simplify Tajweed rules for learners.
  • 16-Line Format: Each page is formatted with 16 lines, aligning with standardized Quran memorization and recitation practices.
  • Hafizi Layout: Designed to support Quran memorization with ease of reference and review.
  • High-Quality Printing: Ensures clarity and durability for daily use, study, and reference.
  • Accessible for All Levels: Whether you're a beginner or advanced in your Quranic studies, this edition supports and enhances your Tajweed skills.
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