Ahmad ibn Hanbal’s Treatise on Prayer (Salâh)

Ahmad ibn Hanbal’s Treatise on Prayer (Salâh)

Enfant Musulman - French - H/C - 17x24

Enfant Musulman - French - H/C - 17x24

Al-Jumu'ah The Day of Congregation

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Immerse yourself in the profound understanding of the sacred day, Jumuah, and journey through insightful exploration of Islamic traditions and practices.

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Language English
Author(s) Dr. Gowhar yusuf
Publisher IIPH
Book Size 14x21
Book Cover Soft

Book Overview

Step onto a path of spiritual enrichment with "Al Jumuah: Embracing A Day of Worship" excellently penned by the masterminds at Darussalam Research Center. This invaluable book unveils the spiritual depth of Jumuah, the day of worship in Islam. Its clear language ensures that it’s easy to follow for readers of all proficiency levels, making it an impeccable go-to source for this special day. 

About the Author:

Darussalam Research Center is a globally respected institution known for its rigorous research in Islamic studies. Their works are celebrated for their authenticity, depth, and comprehension, making them a trusted source of Islamic literature.

The book offers:

  • Comprehensive insights were revealed through meticulous research by Darussalam's esteemed scholars.
  • A broad understanding of Jumuah: its profound place in Islam, its enriching practices, and sweeping blessings.
  • A detailed description of the Jumuah prayer, its importance, and its influence on an individual's faith.
  • Easy to comprehend content; friendly for non-native English speakers.

"Al Jumuah: Embracing A Day of Worship" is more than just a book; it's a spiritual guide that helps you foster a closer connection with your faith and stimulates a deeper understanding of Jumuah.

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