Abu Lahab and his wife Arwah

Soft, 9789960971551, Darussalam, Shazia Nazlee, english, 17x24
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Book Overview:

Delve deep into the world of Islamic history with Shazia Nazlee's 'Abu Lahab and his wife Arwah.' The book masterfully weaves a captivating narrative to the tale of Surat Al-Masad, focusing primarily on the Prophet's uncle, Abu Lahab, and his wife, Arwah.

  • Interesting Story: The book makes a significant Islamic historical event easy to understand.
  • Beautiful Pictures: Fun and colorful images in the book helps readers understand the story better.
  • Fun Word Search Game: The story includes an interesting game that makes learning more entertaining.
  • Important Lessons: The story gives important lessons about history and good behavior.
  • Learning can be Fun: This book shows that learning can be fun, and it can help imagination and thinking skills grow.


The lively illustrations and absorbing storytelling captivate young minds. Furthermore, an 'Word Search' activity section enhances interactive learning, making history and moral teachings both entertaining and educational.

About the Author:

Shazia Nazlee is a renowned author known for creating impactful children's books that blend education and entertainment. Her work aims to ignite curiosity, learning, and understanding in young minds.

In conclusion, 'Abu Lahab and his wife Arwah' isn't just a book – it's an enriching journey that intertwines magnificent storytelling, valuable lessons, and exciting interactive learning to create a memorable experience for young readers.


Reem Al-Farabi
A True Treasure for Children
Shazia Nazlee's 'Abu Lahab and his Wife Arwah' is not just a book, but a treasure for children. Detailed storytelling along with attractive illustrations and interactive word search activity make the historical journey exceptionally engaging!
Sarah Ahmed
Tale-Telling at Best
'Abu Lahab and his Wife Arwah' by Shazia Nazlee beautifully illustrates a significant Islamic historical event in an easy-to-understand language. It strikes the right balance between education and entertainment for young minds.
Layla Sultan
Educational and Interactive
With 'Abu Lahab and his Wife Arwah', learning has turned into a fun process for my kids. The beautiful pictures and the exciting word search activity enhances the book's appeal for them.
Farid Qasim
Memorable Learning Experience
The author brilliantly intertwines educational narration, essential lessons, and interactive learning, making 'Abu Lahab and his Wife Arwah' a truly enriching and memorable experience for young readers.
Yaser Hussain
Imaginative yet Informative
This book offers a deep dive into historical events with an enthralling narrative style. Its unique feature of including a word search activity game makes learning enjoyable for my children.
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