Abdul Haqs Diploma Day

Hard, 9786035000963, Darussalam, Luqman Nagy, english, Default
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Book Overview:

Dive into a historical journey with "Abdul Haq's Graduation: The Seljuk Era." Set 800 years ago in what is now modern-day Turkey, this intriguing tale chronicles Abdul Haq, a remarkable student at a prestigious Seljuk school, receiving his hard-earned diploma. 

  • A peek into the golden age of Seljuk Turks
  • Discover Konya, the lush garden city that was the Seljuk capital
  • Unveil the mysteries of a powerful state that shaped the course of history
  • An exclusive journey through Abdul Haq’s academic achievements
  • With easy-to-absorb narrative style, this book takes you on a thrilling cultural exploration of the Seljuk society. Don't miss this enlightening read. Own a slice of history today!


About The Author:

Luqman Nagy, a distinguished author known for his compelling storytelling and masterful articulation, shines in his latest novel, "Abdul Haq's Diploma Day". His books, enriched with profound wisdom and meaningful lessons, resonate with readers across the globe.

An impressive portfolio of works speaks volumes about his literary prowess, making him one of the sought-after authors in contemporary literature


Mohammed Al Eid
Learning Lessons from the Heart of History
Luqman Nagy, in "Abdul Haq's Diploma Day", vividly reimagines the bustling academic scene of historic Seljuk society. Through Abdul Haq's journey, readers are led on an enlightening expedition of knowledge, cultural understanding, and profound life lessons.
Mariam Al Saeed
History and Inspiration Intertwined
"Abdul Haq's Diploma Day" superbly captures the essence of Seljuk culture. Luqman Nagy artfully narrates Abdul Haq's enriching academic journey and offers readers a chance to travel back in history.
Abdullah Al Amri
A Cultural Dive into the Seljuk Era
Luqman Nagy masterfully unfolds an inspiring tale in "Abdul Haq's Diploma Day". Set in the dynamic Seljuk period, the author beautifully intertwines history and life lessons through Abdul Haq's academic struggles and achievements.
Nada Al Saud
An Educational Adventure Through Time
"Abdul Haq's Diploma Day" is a fascinating journey into the Seljuk culture marked by a heartening narrative of Abdul Haq's scholarly achievements. Luqman Nagy's engrossingly insightful storytelling invites the reader to experience a slice of history in an unforgettable way.
Fatima Al Faraj
A Riveting Journey Through History
Abdul Haq's Diploma Day" by Luqman Nagy splendidly transports readers back to the opulent era of the Seljuks. Through Abdul Haq's educational journey, we explore the rich tapestry of Turk history, making this tale of perseverance and wisdom a must-read.
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