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Book Overview:

"A Guide to Salah (Prayer)" is a meticulously researched book that draws directly from the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), providing readers with a detailed and accessible guide to Islamic prayer. This book serves as a compact yet comprehensive companion for Muslims seeking to enhance their understanding and practice of Salah. It outlines the essentials of prayer, including the preliminaries, various types of Salah, and a step-by-step guide to performing prayer correctly, complemented by easy-to-follow illustrations. Perfect for use at home or while traveling, this book ensures that the vital aspects of Salah are conveyed without overwhelming the reader with complexities, making it an indispensable guide for Muslims aiming to fulfill this fundamental pillar of Islam with devotion and understanding.

Publisher Bio:

Dakwah Corner is a publisher recognized globally for its dedication to producing high-quality, authentic Islamic literature. Committed to disseminating knowledge that empowers Muslims worldwide to practice their faith with confidence and clarity, Dakwah’s publications are characterized by rigorous scholarship and accessibility. "A Guide to Salah (Prayer)" embodies this commitment, offering readers a clear pathway to enhancing their spiritual lives through a deeper understanding of Salah, based on the timeless teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).


Main Features:

  • Directly Derived from Sunnah: Offers authentic references to the practices of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in an easy-to-understand format.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: From preliminaries to Salah to the detailed descriptions of different prayers, the book covers all aspects necessary for a fulfilling prayer experience.
  • Illustrated Step-by-Step Guide: Features clear illustrations to guide readers through the motions and positions of Salah, ensuring accurate adherence to the Sunnah.
  • Ideal for All Levels: Whether you’re a new Muslim, a young learner, or simply seeking to deepen your knowledge, this guide is tailored for easy comprehension and practical application.
  • Portable and Accessible: Its concise presentation and manageable size make it an excellent travel companion for maintaining prayer discipline on the go.


Omar Farooqi
A Dedication to Authenticity in Salah Practice
"A Guide to Salah (Prayer)" emerges as a crucial text for Muslims dedicated to aligning their prayer practices with the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Through diligent research and reference to the Sunnah, this guide addresses the nuances of Salah with clarity and scholarly assurance. Each page unfolds essential aspects of prayer, ranging from the preparatory steps to the concluding actions, all while highlighting the varied forms of Salah and their specific contexts. Its clear illustrations act as a visual aid, further simplifying the learning process. This guide stands as a testament to the beauty of Islamic ritual and the depth of devotion it encapsulates, making it a valuable asset to the library of every Muslim seeking guidance and clarity in their prayer life.
Safiya Mirza
Perfecting the Pillar of Islam through Sunnah
"A Guide to Salah (Prayer)" serves as an invaluable resource for Muslims seeking to deepen their understanding and practice of Salah, the second pillar of Islam. Rooted in thorough research on the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), this book offers a comprehensive yet accessible compendium on the subject. It adeptly covers the preliminaries, various types of Salah, and the spiritual essence of prayer, complemented by easy-to-follow illustrations that guide practitioners through each step. Whether at home or traveling, this guide demystifies Salah for believers at all levels of their spiritual journey, ensuring that this fundamental act of worship is both correctly and meaningfully performed.
Zainab Iqbal
Nurturing Spiritual Growth Through Precise Prayer Guidelines
Delving into "A Guide to Salah (Prayer)" unfolds a path toward spiritual enrichment and meticulous adherence to the Sunnah. This book distinguishes itself by balancing detailed instructions on performing Salah with insights into its spiritual and historical contexts. The praiseworthy effort to reference original sources for each directive imbues readers with confidence in the authenticity of the practices described. By arming Muslim practitioners with knowledge from preliminary purification rituals to the post-Salah supplications, it nurtures a comprehensive understanding and heartfelt dedication to this pivotal Islamic practice. A transformative read for anyone aiming to uplift their spiritual practice through the disciplined performance of Salah.
Abdullah Amin
Essentials of Salah Unveiled for Devout Learners
"A Guide to Salah (Prayer)" not only educates about the physical aspects of performing Salah but also illuminates the profound spiritual significance behind this act of worship. It meticulously details the procedures, from Wudu (ablution) to the completion of Salah, embedding the wisdom of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) throughout. The inclusion of various Salah types and the significance of preliminary acts provide a holistic view, making it an essential read for those aspiring to perfect their prayer in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the Sunnah. Its concise yet thorough approach makes it an ideal companion for every Muslim eager to connect deeper with their creator through Salah.
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