The Story of Mango- English

The Story of Mango- English

365 Dua with Stories

365 Dua with Stories

365 Hadith With Stories

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Dive into a year-round spiritual journey with '365 Hadith With Stories - English', linking everyday experiences with the Prophet's timeless wisdom.

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Book Overview:

'365 Hadith With Stories - English' is an enriching compilation that intertwines day-to-day scenarios with the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), encouraging children to see life through the prism of Islamic teachings. Organized into a hadith for each day, this book offers a harmonious blend of religious insights and engaging narratives, painting a vivid picture of the virtues and life lessons encapsulated in the hadith. It's an insightful resource designed to connect young hearts with their faith, demonstrating the relevance of the Prophet's messages in contemporary life.

Author Bio:

Ali KaraCam and Hasibe Sahin, the authors behind this scholarly yet accessible work, bring their expertise in Islamic education to the task of making hadith relevant for young readers. Their collaborative effort has resulted in a book that combines authenticity with readability, ensuring that the depth of each hadith is fully appreciated. The authors have skillfully crafted a daily learning experience that not only informs but also transforms, cultivating a deeper understanding of Islam's guidance for everyday living.


Main Features:

  • A collection of 365 hadiths thoughtfully paired with relatable stories.
  • Bridges the gap between abstract teachings and daily occurrences for young readers.
  • Features beautiful illustrations that complement the wisdom of each hadith.
  • Serves as an educational tool to foster an appreciation of Islamic values and ethics.
  • The Softcover edition makes it easy to handle for daily reading and reference.
  • Encourages a connection with the spiritual legacy of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
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